About me

Hi, my name is Elliott Shostak. If you are a school principal or aspiring to become one, then you are in luck because this site is designed for you!

I spent nine years as a classroom teacher (public schools) and am currently completing my thirteenth year as a school principal (public schools). To me, being a principal is not a job, it's a lifestyle. I am concerned about the future of education and am passionate about helping others.

During my twenty-two years as an educator, I have made many mistakes but thankfully, I learned from all of them. To paraphrase Craig Valentine, I want my long road of mistakes to become your shortcut to success.

You will receive tools to lead with greater confidence, reduce stress, and achieve results you desire.

In addition to be being a lifelong learner, I enjoy running, traveling, and spending time with my wife and two sons.

Please let me know what topics are most pertinent to you.

Live, learn, and grow.