The field of education is being disrupted. Public schools no longer simply have to compete with private schools; they are competing against Charter Schools, Virtual Schools, On-Line Public Schools and an increasing number of families choosing to homeschool their children. School administrators are often required to do more with less. In addition to preparing children academically, schools are also finding themselves playing a larger role in the area of social services. Visiting dentists provide dental care on site, school social workers send children home with non-perishable food items over the weekend, teachers make home visits, and the endless stream of Character Education programs challenge school leaders to focus on what needs to be accomplished.
Building leaders are essentially responsible for everything that takes place in their building and are accountable for raising student achievement. I believe that as building principals we need to share what is working with one another and support each other.
This site is designed to serve school principals so that they may better support their school community and as a result change the world for the better.